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Company philosophy:

Win the market with integrity and build the brand with quality. We firmly believe that "brand" is not only a trademark, but a product, but also a quality. It maintains consumers' trust in the enterprise with good quality;

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 Class A sheet
 Exposure process
 8 hours fast delivery
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Strict control to ensure that every product that leaves the factory is a high-quality product
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Cost-effective advantage

Aluminum substrate proofing 30 yuan / style free delivery to home
Order 0㎡ MOQ
10% off on self-orders

Fast delivery advantage

Samples are shipped as fast as 8 hours
Batch as fast as 24 hours
Product on-time efficiency reaches 99.5%

Raw material/product quality assurance

Guoji Grade A sheet Exposure process Inkjet text
AOI optical scanning + flying probe test
Guaranteed 99% yield rate

Exquisite craftsmanship

Minimum production standard line width and line spacing 0.1mm
Automatic molding equipment to ensure that the plus and minus tolerances are within 0.1mm
Can be customized

Dongguan Hung Tat Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Hung Tat Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. is a source manufacturer that only focuses on the production of aluminum-based circuit boards.
It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the rapid production of aluminum substrate samples, targeting high performance and high thermal conductivity LED aluminum substrates.
The headquarter of the company is located in the hub center of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Expressway, a famous historical town at home and abroad - Humen Town.
The unique geographical logistics advantage makes Shuaihao products arrive faster than others.
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Client Area Quantity Layers Board Size Amount Status
    Hao* Jiangsu Nantong 150 1 107*37 180 In production
    Li** Guangdong Foshan 1650 1 957*18 2977 In production
    Area** Guangdong Shenzhen 750 1 464*87 739 Approved
    Li* Guangzhou, Guangdong 20 1 155*73 70 In production
    Wang* Zhejiang Wenzhou 10 1 120*29 30 In production
    Li* Hunan Changsha 5 1 315*10 30 In production
    Yellow** Hubei Wuhan 10 1 1459*15 380 In production
    Jiang* Guangdong Shenzhen 25000 1 55*55 12709 In production
    Zhang** Jiangsu Wuxi 30 1 1179*13 180 In production
    Wang* Ningbo, Zhejiang 3500 1 591*18 8339 In production
    Jiang* Liaoning Shenyang 20 1 95*11 70 Approved
    Give you the best experience value
    All adopt intelligent production system, monitor all production links in real time, improve production efficiency and shorten product delivery time! For brand electronic manufacturers to provide agency components purchase, circuit substrate supply, design and application of built-in electronic equipment throughout the entire process of consumer electronics!
    Global LED Lighting Enterprise Cooperative Customers
    We are willing to provide high-quality products for more enterprises
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